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20. Numerous art elements, like traces, colours, or shapes, which can be repeated again and again in a planned manner creates a _______. Observers ranged from those with novice-level expertise of artwork and art history to several having accomplished some undergraduate examine within the history of art (evaluated using a survey on the time of the experiment).

Installation artist Mark Dion shows his findings in a tongue-in-cheek Fort Value museum exhibition. Although the reviewed studies aren’t direct proof that self-understanding is developed by artwork appreciation, they counsel, at the very least, that self-reflection, a course of related to cultivating self-understanding, is prompted by moving art experiences. As mentioned above, on this section we attempt to put a foundation for a line of inquiry into how self-understanding could also be enhanced by partaking in practices of art appreciation, as part of our suggestion that conceptualizing the humanities as social practices would … Read More

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